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Central Bucks High School

Class of 1966

50th Reunion


August 20, 2016


2016 Honor Roll
Where are they now? In Remembrance The 40th Reunion
2016 Donations
Current Pics of CB Not Quite Class of '66 The 45th Reunion


The following classmates are listed on the 2016 Honor Roll for their generous donations.

2016 Reunion Committee
Frank Arcade
Nat "Chris" Brown
Beverly Foster
Liz Kilmer Ronky
Jack Martindell
Martha Mowry
Mary Roach Cleary
Ann Randall
Ken & Linda Williams
John Zeola
Missing Classmate Detectives
David Ferris
Ken A. Williams

50th Reunion ANTLER
Beverly Foster - Executive Producer
Nat "Chris" Brown - Associate Producer

Phantom Webmaster www.cb1966.org
Identity to be revealed Sat. Aug. 20th

Anonymous Donations - Individual classmates have contributed to or paid for the Fri. night appetizers, the Sat. night DJ and photo booth, the Sun. Picnic pavilion, and numerous mailing expenses. Additional contributions may be forthcoming.